Roof alarm grants – protecting churches from metal theft

Allchurches Trust’s Roof Protection Scheme provides grants to help churches install roof alarms in response to the issue of metal theft, which continues to be a very challenging issue across the UK.

We have recently extended this scheme until the end of 2022 and increased the amount of funding available, with grants now funding up to 50% of the cost of the alarm, up to a maximum of £2500.

Grants under Allchurches’ Roof Protection Scheme are made direct to individual churches.

We advise that churches apply through one of these group schemes where possible, as some local trusts and dioceses have other funds available to add to the Allchurches’ grant. Please note that you can only apply for a roof alarm grant from a group scheme OR apply directly for a roof alarm grant to Allchurches Trust. You cannot apply to both. Active schemes are running in the following areas:

This list will be updated as new schemes are added. Please note that the proposed alarm system must be from a supplier that is approved by the church’s insurer, whoever that may be, and the church must commit to maintaining the alarm for a minimum of five years.

To apply to Allchurches Trust directly for a roof alarm grant, you will need to complete this online application form. It is a good idea to have a read through the questions before registering to complete the online form to ensure you have all of the information required. You can read through the questions here.

Please note that you can apply for a roof alarm grant even if you have had another grant from Allchurches Trust within the last two years (for a different project). 

Roof alarm grants
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Submit an application Apply now
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