Restoration work begins at Streatham church as biggest chunk of funding secured

18 JUN 2018
Major restoration and repair works are now underway at St Leonard's Church in south London after they received a £221,600 Heritage Lottery (HLF) grant. Allchurches Trust was the first funder to provide a grant for the project, helping them on their way to reaching the necessary fundraising threshold to trigger a HFL grant..
Realising repair and restoration works were desperately needed on their building, St Leonard’s applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant of £221,600. The grant was agreed on the condition that the church raised 48% of that total first, resulting in a £100,000 funding gap. The task of raising the balance began last year.
The process was kick-started after the church received a grant from Allchurches Trust. Subsequent funders included the National Churches Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation. St Leonard’s congregation also contributed significantly to the effort and the £100,000 total was raised before the deadline.
With the fundraising a success and the Heritage Lottery grant released, action is now being taken to make the building watertight and install accessibility ramps and toilets.
The work, which is due to be finished in October 2018, is being undertaken to correct building work done in 1972 after a devastating fire. It will also create a safer and more accessible building, which is regularly used by local schools, choirs and voluntary organisations
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