A new spring for the Snowdrop Project

17 NOV 2020

Funding from Allchurches Trust has enabled the Snowdrop Project to lay down roots and futureproof the charity, as it strives to provide long-term support for survivors of human trafficking.

Snowdrops are a symbol of new life, as they mark the end of winter and welcome in the spring. Much like the flower, the Snowdrop Project helps people to cultivate new lives and leave their traumas behind. 
When potential victims of human trafficking and slavery are rescued, discovered or escape, they can receive 45 to 90 days support in a safe house before they must go it alone and deal with the mental and physical scars of their past by themselves.
The Snowdrop Project is a Sheffield-based charity providing long-term support, empowering survivors to move on from their past.
In October 2019, Allchurches supported the Snowdrop Project with a grant of £16,000 to help the charity purchase premises in Sheffield, so that they could continue to provide support to survivors of trafficking at a critical moment in their journey to recovery. 
Fast forward to 2020 and they now have the keys to their permanent property in the city centre!
Denise Lawrenson, Head of Fundraising for the Snowdrop Project, said: “The stability of having a permanent home for Snowdrop will be so key in helping survivors and will be a welcoming space for them to come to and spend time in as well as recover and flourish. 
“We wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for the incredible support from Allchurches Trust, thank you so much.”
This new property could not come at a more pivotal time for Snowdrop as they continue to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19, and find new ways to reach out to survivors.
Many people they work with are already extremely isolated and the charity has been working hard to implement creative solutions to support them remotely.
They have been delivering food and household essentials and supporting clients over the phone instead of face-to-face. They have also been sharing resources to improve their clients’ English speaking skills as well as putting together wellbeing packs to support their emotional needs.
A recent additional Hope Beyond grant of £14,750 from Allchurches Trust will help the Snowdrop Project to remain resilient and continue to adjust to the long term impacts of COVID-19. The funding will support a new online infrastructure which will enable them to deliver the best service possible within government restrictions. It will also help them to adapt their new building to make it COVID secure and future-proof the charity, so that they can face any obstacles that come their way and continue to help as many vulnerable people as possible.
Andrew Bass, Grants Officer for Allchurches Trust, said: “We’re proud to support the Snowdrop Project as they tackle the very real issue of long-term support for survivors of trafficking. We’re looking forward to seeing the impact the new property will have for the charity as they adapt to the current challenges and create new lives for people who have faced terrible hardships.”
A new spring for the Snowdrop Project
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