Opening doors to deaf children in Doncaster

23 JAN 2019
Doncaster Deaf Trust’s on-site church, Holy Trinity Church, is set to get new modern seating thanks to a donation from Allchurches Trust.
New movable stacking chairs will enable deaf schoolchildren to use the church more and enable it to act as a hub where they will plan and undertake community projects, working with hearing adults in the congregation, developing essential skills they will need in later life. It also means that the church can be increasingly used as a place for study and worship by these children and students from the Trust's communications specialist college, and offer more flexibility for all church users.
Bobbie Roberts, chair of trustees at Doncaster Deaf Trust, said: “We are extremely grateful to Allchurches Trust for this kind donation. Our much-loved church can now get the new seating it needs to make it a more accessible and flexible space. We’re thrilled to have this on-site facility for our staff, pupils and students and now it will be even more suited to our needs.”
Paul Playford, Grants Officer at Allchurches Trust, said: “The ‘Take Your Seat’ project will bring deaf schoolchildren closer to their local community and open doors to new opportunities, both for young people who have communication difficulties and the church congregation. We’re delighted to have been able to support it by giving a grant towards replacing old, broken pews with new, flexible seating.”
Allchurches Trust also recently helped fund improvements to the headquarters of Ely Diocesan Association for Deaf People in Cambridge, which are a central hub for the local deaf community and provide funding for its services through rent.
Our grant has helped pay for new windows that have transformed a barely used bar room into a fresh new office where staff and clients can clearly see each other signing.