A joy to the senses – new school garden builds community links

11 JUN 2019
Pupils performed songs, poetry and music as Winslow Church of England primary school celebrated the completion of its new sensory garden.
The sensory garden, which Allchurches Trust helped fund, will provide students with a self-contained area for outdoor learning and reflection. Built on a neglected area in the centre of the school grounds, the garden will allow children to flourish; enabling them to experience different spaces and senses as they are encouraged to touch, smell and taste the environment around them.
Winslow Church of England primary school
Working alongside a local gardener, the garden was inspired by an image of sun-rays, which reflects the school’s motto of “let your light shine”. A professional artist, who is a parent at the school, has worked closely with the children to create a stained glass window which looks out on to the sensory garden.
The garden will also help the school to forge stronger links with its community by making it available to those with sensory processing needs. Furzedown, a local school catering to children with special needs, is hoping that its pupils will enjoy the opportunity to create an archway in the garden.
In order to keep the space looking its best, a gardening club is to be set up, providing the students with hands-on experience. Many parents have also offered to volunteer in order to keep the garden looking in peak condition.
Winslow Church of England primary school
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