‘Limitless’ opportunities for youth ministry

05 NOV 2020

A £45,000 grant from Allchurches Trust is supporting a national youth ministry to connect with churches across the country, helping them to reach and transform the lives of young people.

Limitless is the national youth ministry of Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance. Its aim is to establish 100 new youth ministries in churches across the UK and Ireland, helping churches struggling to engage with young people in their communities. 
In 2015, Limitless did research amongst the 518 Elim Churches, which showed that 21% (at least 111) of the churches were not reaching young people at all! 
Limitless Pioneers connects with young people through dynamic, authentic and engaging initiatives. The team focuses on teaching and training churches and youth teams in all areas of youth work, from youth culture and ministry to self-leadership, so that they are better equipped to lead their own youth programmes. 
Limitless work with a church for up to an academic year, leaving behind a sustainable youth ministry and a trained team of youth work volunteers to inspire a friendly church culture for young people. 
Before the official launch in 2017, Limitless was piloted in a church in Malvern, Worcestershire. At the start of the trial there was only one young person engaged by the church; a few years down the line the church has 30 young people attending.
Limitless Stratford followed suit in September 2017. John Martin, Pastor at Stratford, said: “The impact of Limitless Pioneers has been beyond measure for our church. Not only have we seen a youth group develop, mid-week and on Sundays, but we have seen young people get a passion for Jesus and reaching their community. Limitless Pioneers has been one of the most beneficial things we have done for the youth and the wider church.”

Fast forward to 2020…
Limitless is going from strength to strength, using its Allchurches’ grant to employ new talent to take charge of specific regions. 
At the beginning of the year a new area leader was employed to take the reins in Dublin, and in September 2020, they recruited yet another leader, this time in the North of England, despite the challenges and setbacks of the current pandemic.
Paul Playford, Grants Officer for Allchurches Trust, said: “The Limitless Pioneers project is a breath of fresh air for churches who are struggling to reach young people in their communities. Limitless gives them the knowledge to connect with young people and grow their youth communities, supporting young people’s development and helping them to explore their faith. We’re delighted that our grant is helping Limitless to recruit more team members and expand the project across the UK and Ireland. ” 
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