£250,000 grant will help thousands more children to navigate financial challenges of life

09 DEC 2019
A £250,000 grant from Allchurches Trust will enable The Just Finance Foundation’s LifeSavers programme to provide financial education to thousands more primary school children, helping them to develop healthy money skills and habits at a key point in their lives.
Lifesavers is an educational programme that teaches children the key skills and knowledge required to manage money effectively. Research has highlighted that habits around money are being formed by the age of 7, yet just 5% of parents think that their child or children leave school with the adequate skills needed to manage their money well. Crucially, there is a whole generation of children growing up in a climate of precarious incomes, the ever-rising cost of living and unprecedented levels of indebtedness.
Allchurches Trust’s investment over three years will not only allow LifeSavers to continue assisting the 120 schools the programme is already embedded in, it will enable an expansion into Wiltshire and Nottinghamshire. Allchurches Trust and The Just Finance Foundation hope this expansion will reach 40 schools, delivering crucial financial education to 8000 new children.
Sarah Wallace, Director of The Just Finance Foundation, which runs Lifesavers, said: "There has never been a more important time for children to have an awareness of where money comes from, when to spend and how to save, so that they can successfully and safely navigate the world they are entering. We are really grateful that Allchurches Trust share our vision and are helping us to engage with more schools in order to make this happen.”
Trust Director for Allchurches, Rachel Whittington, said: “The LifeSavers programme takes a values-based approach to financial education. It’s so important to help children think not only about the nuts and bolts of spending and saving, but also about their values around money; how they feel about it and how that compares to how others view money. We’re delighted that our funding will enable thousands more children to have these important conversations and learn skills around managing their money that will help them navigate the financial challenges they will face in the years ahead.”
For more information, visit Lifesavers
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