A little kindness goes a long way at St Paul’s and the Good Shepherd

14 NOV 2019
Through our annual grants to dioceses in the UK and Ireland, Allchurches Trust funds a range of programmes and activities focused on community engagement, social action, music, education and much more. In the Diocese of London, our annual grant is used to maintain a clergy presence in around 19 parishes in areas of high need, of which St Paul’s and the Good Shepherd is one.
This church in Hounslow West re-opened in 2012 as a ‘fresh expression of church’. It works to support and meet the social, educational, relational and physical needs of children, young people and families in this highly disadvantaged parish, where 120 languages are spoken on a daily basis.
Social action programmes are crucial to support, encourage, and bring a sense of family to the area, and St Paul’s and the Good Shepherd is now a much loved part of Hounslow West.
Where resources are so limited, it is the smallest acts of kindness that can boost the lives of those who are struggling, often alone, through difficult circumstances. And St Paul’s is offering kindness, friendship, love and care in many ways to its community.
There are weekly lunch clubs and social events for older people, parenting courses, monthly parents’ café, fortnightly home groups, men’s and women’s breakfasts, Sunday afternoon football, mentoring for children at risk of exclusion and transition support into secondary school. Youth clubs, a weekly foodbank, debt counselling and play cafes.
The church’s occasional special ‘pamper’ events for women who are not used to being pampered or nurtured themselves welcome women to come along to share a lovely meal, hear a speaker, receive a massage or goodie pack, and simply feel supported in kindness and friendship.
Watch this video to be inspired by what the community of St Paul’s and the Good Shepherd has to say about the importance and value of this church and its work in the lives of the families in Hounslow West.
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