Turning a vision into a reality - a church for future generations

12 JUN 2020

A £22,500 grant from Allchurches Trust has helped to transform a tired church into a modern hub for its Leicester community.

Holy Trinity Church, Leicester is a relatively young building (in church terms!) at 180 years old. Despite its youth, the church has already undergone six significant transformations to better support the ever changing needs of its community.  
The most recent project was brought about to tackle some major challenges, including the church’s limited room for growth; problems with heating and electrics; and a kitchen that looked like it had served one meal too many!
A renovation project was needed to reinvigorate the tired facilities and open up the doors to the wider community.
The transformation begins…
In May 2018, the congregation left the building and the doors were closed for six months.
The main hall was given a new lease of life, with heating, electrics, audio/visual equipment, furnishings and a new stage – which highlights the beautiful original features of the church.
The main hall was given a new lease of life

The foyer has been transformed into an inviting space for a slice of cake and a mug of hot coffee. The King’s Coffee House is a cafe with a difference. All the profits are invested back into the community ministries – helping to support the most vulnerable in society. The coffee shop also offers first steps back into work for those who are struggling to break down barriers into employment.

These two significant projects accompany a balcony extension with new staircase, to connect two separate parts of the church; renovated toilet and kitchen facilities and an overall increase in church capacity. All exciting changes, as the church expects to host many more people for worship and training. 
While the transformation was underway, Holy Trinity continued to meet outside the church walls. The change in situation opened doors to new opportunities. Some 70 members of the congregation led worship for the first time with more focus on music and youth engagement.
The time away even led to a new monthly service, providing a place of worship for those who respond to a gentler approach to prayer.
The King’s Coffee House is a cafe with a difference
A welcome return…
In December 2018, the major work was complete. The church was able to host a Christmas feast for over 100 people experiencing homelessness in Leicester. It was one of the biggest events so far and a festive way to welcome back the community.
Stephen Gorton, Director of Operations for Holy Trinity Leicester, said: "We are so grateful to Allchurches Trust for helping turn our vision into a reality. Our building will now be able to resource and serve the mission of Holy Trinity for generations to come and we are already seeing some of the fruit of this, especially in our community café.
“Our vision of having an Open Door is being realised daily.”
Paul Playford, Grants Officer for Allchurches Trust, added: “Holy Trinity’s renovation project will make a hug difference to the community. It is now an accessible and welcoming place of worship which offers something for everybody.”
What next?
Holy Trinity is continuing to serve people through the Coronavirus pandemic, through their Food Bank and ‘Triangle’ soup kitchen.
Things are also getting digital. The church’s Sunday worship livestreams have proven very popular with the community and, as with many other churches, they have experienced real growth in this area. 
They are now looking to incorporate more online worship into their regular practices when life returns to ‘normality’.
A renovation project was needed to reinvigorate the tired facilities and open up the doors to the wider community.
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