Helping feed more than 70,000 children and their families

11 MAY 2020
With national statistics showing one in five children faced food insecurity even before the coronavirus hit, two charities - Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) and Feeding Britain - have had to quickly adapt their school holiday feeding programmes to continue to safeguard 70,000 children and their access to nutritious meals, toiletries and other crucial support. 
TLG’s network of church partners normally open lunch clubs in schools across the UK to provide free, healthy, cooked food and activities for children during school holidays. With ‘Make Lunch’ clubs unable to run due to social distancing, and the extended period of enforced school closures during the Coronavirus lockdown placing the 1.5 million children registered for Free School Meals (FSM) at even greater risk of going hungry, Allchurches Trust has given TLG an additional £13,000 to help reach over 10,000 people in their homes with emergency care packages. 
Dee Bryce, Grants and Corporate Partnership Manager from TLG said: “With the funding from Allchurches Trust, TLG Make Lunch clubs are able to provide emergency care parcels and reach many families worried more than ever about providing enough food for their children. Our parcels are about more than just food and contain fun activities and wellbeing resources for all the family, including information on other support they can access and messages of hope from our supporters. What may seem something small will go a long way to making a family feel less alone.”
A £37,000 Allchurches Trust grant to Feeding Britain is helping fund a new programme across their 12 regional branches to ensure 60,000 children’s access to three square meals a day. The new programme enables parents on low incomes to collect or receive, via delivery, a mixture of prepared meals and ingredients to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home for their children. 

Andrew Forsey, National Director of Feeding Britain said: “The funding from Allchurches Trust has acted as a rocket booster to help us support the poorest and most vulnerable people with food, safety-guided companionship and compassion in the face of this pandemic.
“It has already meant that a mum with a child battling leukaemia, desperate to feed her family but not knowing who to turn to, received the food and care needed. Another mother, on a very low income with a newborn baby, contacted one of our projects with no food in the cupboard. She received a home delivery within the hour. 
“A mum with two disabled children, who was unable to go to a supermarket to redeem her free school meal voucher, was also able to draw upon a home delivery from our programme.”
Allchurches Trust has now given a quarter of a million pounds in funding to support four charities tackling increasing food poverty – FareShare, the Trussell Trust, Feeding Britain and Transforming Lives for Good (TLG). These national charities have committed to working together to tackle the increase in poverty in the UK caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Tim Carroll, Chairman of Allchurches Trust, said: “Given the urgent need for food and supplies facing so many families, it was critical to Allchurches Trust to quickly release funds to help support the extraordinary commitment and capacity of these four charities at the heart of tackling food insecurity; all with national reach but also blessed with local insight. The work of these charities means hundreds of thousands of children and their families will receive not only food and other essentials, but care and compassion in these unprecedented times.”
You can read a message from the Trust’s chairman outlining Allchurches Trust’s evolving response to the coronavirus pandemic here.
Helping feed more than 70,000 children
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