Helping young people address ‘tough stuff’ and cope with bereavement

01 JUN 2020

A new resource to support bereaved young people is made possible with Allchurches Trust funding – a particularly poignant project given the current Coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the need for this support.

Having provided AtaLoss with £5,000 funding for the development of a website aimed at educating and equipping churches to be ‘more bereavement friendly’ in 2019, Allchurches also recently provided a £2,500 grant from its Growing Lives programme to ListeningPeople - a division of AtaLoss. 
This latest grant has given the charity the opportunity to produce a bereavement journal as a resource for young people. The journal is designed to be completed with a trusted adult or youth worker, and is ‘free form’ in order to encourage young people to talk about their feelings and understand their emotions better. The project will also help to upskill youth workers, so that they can support young people who are struggling with bereavement.
In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, ListeningPeople has brought forward the release of the ‘Tough Stuff bereavement journal’, recognising that this resource is vital for many families dealing with the impact of the virus. It is now available at a low cost to order through the charity’s website.
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Pete English, ListeningPeople Project Leader, said: “The initial plan was to write the journal, secure feedback and then have it printed. However, the urgency to publish the journal has greatly increased. We want to ensure that anyone who needs it has access to this resource, so we have worked hard to make it available as quickly as possible.”
ListeningPeople is working tirelessly to reach out and support people, including partnering with other charities to further the impact of their work.
They have partnered with Edwards Trust (a charity dedicated to supporting children and families through illness and bereavement), to organise online bereavement training for youth workers, and Number72 (a charity offering easily accessed help, support and friendship) to deliver training to Neighbourhood Chaplains.
ListeningPeople’s online training has the potential to equip many people at this difficult time. Opportunities have been identified to train Youth and Education Officers across the UK. 
“It is envisaged that it will be several months before those who have been affected by loss will be at a point where they can grieve, and we want to be there for them at that time.” Pete English, ListeningPeople
To find out when the next online workshops will be delivered, visit the ListeningPeople website.
Chloe Ewen, Grants officer for Allchurches Trust, said: “We are proud to support this project, which will give youth workers and other trusted adults the tools they need to help bereaved young people and explore their grief with them. Such resources are especially important at a time like this, with many people experiencing sudden and unexpected loss. We thank ListeningPeople for doing all they can to support young people at this difficult time.”
If you need bereavement support as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, AtaLoss have an online support hub with help and advice -
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