Allchurches Trust appoints new Trust Director

18 SEP 2019
Rachel Whittington has been appointed as Trust Director of Allchurches Trust and will lead the organisation from 1st November, 2019.
Rachel joins Allchurches from Church Urban Fund (CUF), having been the Director of Partnerships since 2016. She was instrumental in working with the board to improve the charity’s long-term sustainability through the development of strategy and culture, partnership building and income generation. CUF operates in areas of disadvantage and exclusion across England to increase community-based social action, social cohesion and financial inclusion.
Rachel has substantial senior leadership experience derived from 15 years in the private and non-profit sector and has a Master’s degree in Management.
Rachel said: “I feel very privileged to be joining Allchurches at a time when giving is at record levels thanks to the continued success of Ecclesiastical, and, most importantly, the charity has such a capable staff team in place to realise the full, human potential of these substantial resources.
“I am especially excited about working closely with colleagues, churches, charities and community organisations to co-create a long-term vision, cross-sector partnerships and a range of non-financial support for grant recipients. Ultimately, my hope is that, through the unique relationship between Ecclesiastical and Allchurches, many more people can live thriving, connected lives who might otherwise have remained on society’s margins.”
Sir Philip Mawer, Chairman of Allchurches Trust, added: “Like Allchurches Trust, CUF has a vision of helping people and communities to flourish, and I’m confident that Rachel joins us with that ambition in the front of her mind. She is familiar with the church and firmly behind the Trust’s commitment to support its range of beneficiaries in delivering projects that make a positive difference. I’m delighted that Rachel has agreed to join us as Trust Director.
“She will lead an energetic and dedicated Allchurches team and joins us at a pivotal moment, with the Trust becoming increasingly strategic and intentional in its grant-making and more effective in telling the story of the impact of its grants.”
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