A time for giving…

02 DEC 2020

Allchurches Trust is supporting 60 churches and Christian charities with a total of £150,850 in its latest round of grants.

It may not feel very festive yet, but four examples of projects which have benefited from this welcome boost are channelling the Christmas spirit through generosity and giving, as they focus on supporting people in the most difficult times, providing spaces where communities can feel safe, relax and reconnect.

The Salvation Army, Stowmarket, Suffolk
An Allchurches’ grant of £1,800 is supporting The Salvation Army in Stowmarket to create a community café to provide community services and mental health support through COVID-19. The café will be situated in the town’s main park, as this provides access for everyone, and they plan to provide free breakfast boxes for schoolchildren, distribute food to those in need and provide an internet café where people can meet online with their families and stay connected throughout the pandemic.
The Catholic Worker Farm, Hertfordshire
The Catholic Worker Farm accommodates up to 18 asylum seeking women and children, offering them a warm bed, food, washing facilities, legal support, therapy and English lessons.
A £1,000 grant from Allchurches Trust will support them to build proper toilet and shower facilities – they are currently using a portable toilet and a garden hose – so that the women they support can wash in comfort as winter approaches. 
It is particularly vital that women who are self-isolating during the current crisis have appropriate cleaning facilities.
The Catholic Worker Farm, Hertfordshire
Bow Brickhill Parish Church, Buckinghamshire
A £7,200 grant from Allchurches will support Bow Brickhill Parish Church to demolish and rebuild their much loved, but well used 120- year-old church hall into a modern community centre to support the local area and rebuild community cohesion post lockdown. It is hoped that it will be ready for the community to use safely during the Christmas period for informal get-togethers, particularly for the older, often more isolated, generation.

Bestwood Park Church, Nottingham
Bestwood Park Church has identified a growing sense of isolation and loneliness within its community as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, with people spending increasing time indoors and cut off from friends and family. With the support of £3,500 from Allchurches, the church is set to create a community garden project on the grounds of Bestwood Park to bring people together and build a greater sense of community and improve health and wellbeing.
Bestwood Park Church, Nottingham
*Header Image: Bow Brickhill Parish Church
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