Cardiff’s new wellbeing centre - a place of calm after the storm


A £34,000 grant from Allchurches Trust has helped to build a dedicated space for wellness and spiritual repair, reaching areas which are among the 10% most deprived in Wales, helping communities to heal and rebuild stronger as we begin to see the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Glenwood Church was established after the local community expressed a need for a space they could call their own. The church sits neatly on the border of two Cardiff communities. Some 35% of households are living in income poverty; inevitably leading to personal and social challenges, such as physical and mental health issues, isolation and a lack of aspiration and opportunities.

The church and community complex does its upmost to support the community and motivate people of all ages, with a particular focus on improving mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Unfortunately, Glenwood’s aging facilities were hampering growth in this area and so action was taken to ensure the church complex could effectively support those most in need.

New youth room mural
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Deborah Tugwell, Senior Administrator for Glenwood Wellbeing Space, said: 

“We believe the wellness centre will help us to do our part in meeting the tsunami of emotional, spiritual, mental health and wellbeing needs alongside the physical and practical needs that will be present when this pandemic is over.”

Plans were drawn up for a modern two story annex to be added to the existing building, to complement the rest of the church and most importantly house a wellbeing centre – a safe space for spiritual and mental reprieve. 

The centre will welcome all ages and will be a place for promoting a sense of belonging, purpose and connection through courses and activities, ranging from art and drama sessions to therapeutic cooking. 

The building work began in March 2020, and despite delays due to COVID-19 restrictions, the building is now complete and has been handed back to the church for fitting out!

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