Ambassadors Football: supporting churches to step onto the pitch


Ambassadors Football inspires, equips and supports local churches around the United Kingdom to build Christ-centred relationships in their community through football.

The organisation partners with churches all over the UK and is open to any church looking for support to start a sports ministry outreach programme in its area.

Allchurches Trust was delighted to have provided a grant to Ambassadors Football which trains local churches and volunteers to engage with people on their doorstep by providing regular football activities and sharing Christian values in communities and estate parishes.

The charity provides in situ coaching and football ministry training for church and youth leaders, and volunteers. It then mentors the church for a two year period as it develops strong connections with a wider network of like-minded churches and foundations. Resources, including a weekly ‘talk football’ email with suggestions for football and faith discussions each week, offer further support.

Costs can prove a barrier for some churches to take part and Allchurches’ grant will be used to fund kit and clothing, trophies, footballs, equipment and first aid kits for churches who wish to join the programme, so they can hit the ground running.

Ambassador football squad [image]
Ambassador football hi fives [image]

“There are many churches, perhaps particularly estates churches, who already know and benefit from football outreach as a way of ministering to, supporting, and signposting young people in their communities.”

Allchurches Grants Officer, Paul Playford

Martin Bateman, Director of Ambassadors Football GB said: ‘In Britain, and all over the world, football is one of the greatest idols in our culture. We want to speak into what our culture is influenced by; engaging with people in ways they can understand. Football is a good thing and it reaches many different people. We want to move football on from being our culture’s god, to being the means by which our culture can meet God.’