Allchurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making charities

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About Us

The Trust’s vision is to be one of the UK’s most impactful grant giving charities. Our mission is to equip and empower Christian organisations to have a positive and transformative impact on lives and communities. We welcome applications from churches and Christian charities from all parts of the UK and Ireland, particularly from areas of deprivation.
We support the repair, restoration, protection and improvement of church buildings, cathedrals and other places of Christian worship, especially where those changes support wider community use. Our grants also equip Christian charities and churches to help the most vulnerable and tackle social issues, including homelessness, poverty, climate change and cultural cohesion; and we provide funding for projects that support church growth and leadership and share the Christian faith.
We also work with selected partners to preserve the UK and Ireland's rich history through funding to build and protect sustainable heritage skills (note that the heritage grants programme is not open to applications). 
You can find out more about all of our grants programmes by hovering over the ‘what we fund’ header in the navigation bar, and on the how to apply page.
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We are an independent charity regulated by the Charity Commission.
Our funds come from our ownership of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, a specialist insurance and financial services company.
Since we were founded in 1972, we’ve given more than £180 million in grants.

How we work

Allchurches Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees and has a small team of Grants Officers who advise and support people through the application process and beyond.
We aim to ensure that we add value to our beneficiaries over and above giving a grant.
We encourage them to keep us informed throughout the life of their project and beyond, provide them with advice and guidance and support them to tell their story.
We know how helpful this can be in attracting other funders and engaging the local community.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees meet five times a year to award grants. They give their time and expertise from a deep commitment to Allchurches Trust’s aims.
Allchurches Trust was set up as a company limited by guarantee – a common governance model for charities. As such, we have up to 50 Members who act as guarantors, ensuring accountability and providing a greater appreciation of the needs of beneficiaries from a range of sectors.

Our Team

We have a small, dedicated team with a broad range of skills and expertise.

Our History

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In 1887, the Ecclesiastical Buildings Fire Office was founded by two MPs, three clergymen, a barrister and a clerk of the House of Lords and its directors comprised five clerics and five laymen.
They were determined, after a series of fires had left parishes with ruined churches and no means of restoring them, that there should be a reliable insurance service for parishes in their time of need.
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When, through good business acumen, profits started to accrue, the decision was taken to donate this money to charity as grants. The expertise Ecclesiastical built up through insuring churches allowed it to expand into insuring other large, complex, historic buildings. Soon Ecclesiastical was insuring heritage organisations, schools and charities.
Profits and grant-making also increased until, in 1972, Ecclesiastical’s ownership was transferred to a separate grant-making trust, Allchurches Trust, an independent charity. To this day the Trust continues to dispense profits from Ecclesiastical to support good causes throughout the UK and Ireland.