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We have a relatively small staff team, to keep administration costs low.  They provide essential support for implementing the work of Allchurches Trust Limited (ATL), managing applications and following up projects as they develop.

  • Iain Hearn

    Iain Hearn

    Iain has been the Grants Administrator for the Trust since 2005 and is generally the first point of contact for enquiries and anyone wishing to make an application for funding. Speaking about his role Iain says "It is always a pleasure to receive heartfelt thanks from grant recipients no matter how large or small the grant may have been."

  • Peter Mojsa

    Peter Mojsa

    Peter looks after the North of England, Scotland and Ireland, having joined Allchurches in 2015.  Reflecting on his role Peter says "I am continually amazed and excited when I visit projects with what people in their local churches are doing in all sorts of ways. It's a testament of their faith in God".

  • Jeremy Noles

    The Revd Jeremy Noles

    Jeremy is the Trust’s Grants Officer covering London, East Anglia and the South East of England.  Regarding his role Jeremy says “From my own experience of local church ministry I know the difference that grant funding can make in helping to enable an idea or a vision to become reality, and I’m finding it such a privilege to be able to see the difference that churches and other charities are making in local communities and in the lives of individual people, and to play a part in encouraging that work.”

  • Paul Playford

    Paul Playford

    Paul is the Trust’s Grants Officer covering Wales, the Midlands and the South and West of England.  Commenting on his role Paul says “since taking on this responsibility my eyes have been opened to the tremendous amount of great work being done by volunteers, both in churches and charities, and the impact this is having for good on the lives on individuals and communities.  It is a huge privilege to be able to contribute to this in some small way.”

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    Registered Office: Allchurches Trust Limited, Beaufort House, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GL1 1JZ. Tel: 01452 873189. The named company above is registered in England No. 1043742 Registered Charity number: 263960