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About us

Allchurches Trust Ltd (ATL) was established in 1972 to promote the Christian faith and to contribute to the funds of other charities.  In our early days, the majority of our grants were for repair and maintenance of church buildings.  While we still make similar grants, the scope of what we support has expanded, reflecting changes in society.  Over the last 10 years, we have made grants totaling £81.9m of which £11.7m was distributed in 2015.

ATL receives its money from the business it owns, not from public donations.  It is the owner of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group plc (EIG), an independent financial services company, regulated by the FCA and PRA, which insures heritage buildings, charities, schools, churches and other faith buildings and provides a range of specialist investment management, risk management, broking and advisory services.  EIG passes a significant proportion of its profits to Allchurches Trust which, in turn, makes grants for projects that meet its charitable objectives.

ATL is governed by a board of trustees which meets five times a year to decide which projects to support, to allocate grants and to learn about the progress of the projects we have already supported.  The trustees are not paid; they support our work voluntarily.  Meet them here.

As a company limited by guarantee, ATL has members whose role is to act as guarantors.  The trustees especially value members' greater appreciation of the needs of beneficiaries.  As with the trustees, our members support our work voluntarily. 

We have a relatively small staff team to provide essential support for implementing the work of ATL, managing applications and following up projects as they develop.  From 1st September 2016, an executive director will lead the development of ATL’s strategy.  You can find out more about the people who work for ATL here .

ATL also manages the award of grants by the Methodist Insurance Company (MIC) to enhance the mission and ministry of the Methodist Church. These grants are made by MIC and are completely separate from grants made by ATL from ATL funds to support the Methodist Church.

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Registered Office: Allchurches Trust Limited, Beaufort House, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GL1 1JZ. Tel: 01452 873189. The named company above is registered in England No. 1043742 Registered Charity number: 263960