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A winter warmer

July 2016

We’re pleased to help St Margaret’s Welcome Centre provide a warm welcome

St Margaret's exteriorSt Margaret’s Church was built in the 1950s as a simple hall to serve the community of Longhill, a large housing estate in Hull. St Margaret’s provided one of the few public spaces where people could come and meet and access essential services.

Last year, the St Margaret’s Welcome Centre took over the building to offer a new range of services. “One of our biggest challenges is the heating,” explains Trisha Wick, the Pioneer Minister at St Margaret’s. “We have inherited four small electric heaters high on the walls, but the building is so cold in the winter that it’s just unusable.”

Welcoming one and all

The diocese aims to use the building to serve local people through ministry and essential services. Already community groups such as a women’s group and a lunch club are using the centre. From slimming groups to rowing clubs, lots of organisations are keen to use the space, but the lack of heating means they are not making a booking.

The building urgently needs a new heating system, along with better insulation. However, at present St Margaret’s cannot afford any significant building works, which is where Allchurches Trust can help.

The warmth returns

We are making a grant available to St Margaret’s to help with the cost of purchasing a new heating system. The hall will become a better venue for community activities, and clubs like the toddler group and youth work will grow thanks to the better facilities.

“Lots of community events are already happening, and we’re getting lots of encouragement,” enthuses Trisha. Eventually the hall will be able to sustain itself, gaining an income from groups that let out some of the space, such as the local library, as well as profit from the café. A new, inclusive and welcoming hall will have a significant impact in Longhill, giving many people a place to come and meet each other and explore their faith.

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