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A tree of hope

August 2016

Converting a warehouse into a multi-functional community space will help Mustard Tree continue to flourish

Mustard Tree deliveryThe charity Mustard Tree was originally set up in 1994 to help the homeless in Manchester by providing a soup run. Since those early days, the charity has developed to help not only the homeless but those with mental health issues, drug and alcohol addictions and an offending background also.

The charity now defines its vision “Fighting for those who have lost their fight, and with the offer of another chance, bringing hope to those in despair.” A grant from Allchurches Trust is helping this inspiring charity do exactly that for people in Manchester.

Solace for the marginalised

Since 2005 the charity has been operating from a large warehouse in the heart of one of Manchester’s most deprived areas. The building is impossible to heat or ventilate properly, so can be extremely cold in winter and stifling in summer, and the roof leaks. The charity now wants to take the next step and is raising funds to transform their building.

Mustard Tree soup runWhen Allchurches Trust visited, we found a real sense of welcome, friendship and hope. “Despite the building’s gloomy and down-at-heel appearance, I could see the joy in some people’s faces at being there” says Peter Mojsa, our Grants Officer for the North. Nobody is judged, whatever their background, and everyone is encouraged to become givers rather than takers.

Mustard Tree is already reaching out to so many people in so many ways, offering everything from help with dependency through to a furniture store. Each year, the charity provides a staggering 50,000 meals to people across the community.

To illustrate the vital work undertaken by Mustard Tree Haydn, who has been on the receiving end of their support says “Before Mustard Tree, I was a drunk, on drugs and in and out of prison. I left school with no education, I was smoking weed, I was doing class A drugs, and in and out of prison. That was my life for 20 years. Before coming to Mustard Tree I was living in a hostel but life was going nowhere. Mustard Tree saw something in me, they believed in me and helped me to believe in myself, my confidence grew and when a driver job became available, they trusted me and gave me a chance!”

An exciting future

With a new roof and a heating system, Mustard Tree will be able to build on this vital work and offer an even better welcome and service to people who are at their lowest ebb. We’re determined to support the dedication and the vision of people at Mustard Tree, to help them offer an enhanced service to some of the most disadvantaged in society.

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