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A food bank is bringing more than nutrition to Reddish

April 2016

How an Allchurches Trust grant is helping Manchester Diocese fulfil one of its mission goals.


Reddish is a borough in the north of Stockport. The community is facing hard times, and statistics show there are growing pockets of deprivation, with a number of families on the food poverty line.

According to the 2011 Census, a higher than average number of people over the age of 16 in Reddish have no formal qualifications, and 52% of single parents are out of work.

The Manchester Diocese has recently used funding from an Allchurches Trust grant to bring resources, hope and opportunity to the people of Reddish.

Reconnecting people to the community

The ‘Transforming Communities’ department in Manchester Diocese helps communities bring about and manage change. After hearing about the needs of Reddish from the local vicar, the department started working with the community to make a real difference.

The Transforming Communities team worked closely with local people to identify the needs and then set up ‘Re:dish’, a charity designed to promote a co-operative and cohesive community.

Re:dish provides no cost and low cost food for families in the Reddish area, using local expertise to encourage healthy nutrition. The charity isn’t just helping to improve people’s health, it is also reconnecting people to networks of help and support.

The project is bringing all sorts of people together, whatever their age, background or culture. They are learning how to cope with debt and take control of their lives to overcome chaotic living.

The team has since handed responsibility for Re:Dish over to the local community, ensuring that the initiative will be sustainable. One of the Manchester Diocese’s mission goals is to work with and serve communities, and the grant from Allchurches Trust is helping them do just that.

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